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I’m a freelancing 3D generalist/artist, Graphic Designer , and video editor in Toronto.

I consider myself as an adaptive and growing person with industry standards who thrives for new ways and challenges to tackle his tasks. As a person who’s passionate about graphic design, you’ll notice my work is vastly experimental, variable with their own unique touch onto them. I manage to communicate kindly and appropriately with both clients and team, as this mindset assures more properly conveyed, qualitative ideas and products.

Once upon a time...

As a growing artist who yearns to grow and assist with both companies and projects, big and small, to visualize their imaginations and ideas to reality, I figured out from my experience that people want their ideas come to fruition.
I also make wide, stylized, graphics and assets with each piece tell a story on its own and show off both skills and versatility, as I tend to experiment and try out newer stuff during my graphical exploration.
As a hybrid of both remote and in-site designer and artist, I have the advantage to socialize, see new faces, and the comfort work with my team in both office and at home, while maintaining both quality and passion to do my work..


Here’s a quick showcase of my best artwork to give you the first impression, if you’re 

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